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Long established as a supplier of quality garden and special interest tours to the Guardian and the Observer, Brightwater holidays are now among the market leaders in this short break field. Their garden tours include such diverse destinations as Cornwall, Japan, Andalucia and Equador, while their special interest tours include a whole series of Scottish Island breaks, Archaeology Tours and a host of hidden gems in the UK, Europe and further afield.
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A grand tour of the Inner Hebrides

6 nights from £925

Complementing our Grand Tour of the Outer Hebrides, this equally grand yet relaxing tour takes in the principal Inner Hebridean isles of Mull, Islay and Jura as well as the little islands of Staffa...


8 nights from £1195

After 50 years of political isolation, Albania is only just emerging as a holiday destination, with a refreshing lack of modern development and a unique, timeless quality. In archaeological terms,...

Mull Staffa and Iona by air

3 nights from £525

The Isle of Mull is a place of tumbling burns, high peaks, dramatic views and a silent, lonely beauty. From our base at the comfortable Isle of Mull Hotel, conveniently located close to the ferry...

Gardens and architecture of Andalucia

6 nights from £795

Andalucia has a wealth of history, culture, beautiful architecture and gardens. We will visit the cities of Granada, Córdoba and Seville and also the spectacular cliff - perched town of Ronda....

Malta, an archaeological exploration

7 nights from £955

Set at the intersection of numerous Mediterranean sea routes, Malta has been populated and colonized by many civilizations over the centuries and as a result has an extraordinarily rich...


3 nights from £695

This corner of England has remained unpolluted, unspoilt and unchanged for decades. Tresco lies 28 miles from the Cornish coast yet basks in a climate where spring comes early, autumn stays late and...

An archaeologist’s view of Orkney and Shetland

5 nights from £855

We are delighted that Clive Warsop of Edinburgh University will give us the benefit of his extensive knowledge and bring to life the ancient relics that litter the islands of Orkney and Shetland.

The Isle of Barra

3 nights from £435

This tour is definitely one for the island-bagger, with no fewer than four portions of Hebridean heaven included!

The Isle of Barra is the most southerly of the Outer Hebrides and has...

Islay and Jura

4 nights from £655

Islay represents the southern extreme of the Inner Hebrides. Once the ancient home of the Lord of the Isles, who ruled the Hebrides from two islets on Loch Finlaggan, the Islay has always been...

Archaeology in Bulgaria

8 nights from £1275

For decades after the Second World War Bulgaria lay firmly behind the Iron Curtain and had little contact with the outside world, but in classical times it prospered through trade with the Near East...

A grand tour of the Outer Hebrides

5 nights from £695

This extended tour of the Hebrides has proved extremely popular, offering as it does an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the western isles. Our grand tour takes in all the beauty and...

Archaeology of Central Ireland

4 nights from £595

Central Ireland is an archaeological landscape that is rich in content and diverse in character. Among these green and rolling hills, in the company of an expert and engaging local archaeologist, we...

Archaeology of Denmark and Sweden

7 nights from £1595

Archaeologist Clive Warsop has helped us plan and will lead this new tour to the neighbouring Nordic nations of Sweden and Denmark, which between them offer a host of archaeological and historical...

A Taste of Orkney by Air

3 nights from £535

The seventy or so low-lying green islands in the Orkney archipelago are steeped in a unique culture, quite unlike any other part of Scotland. Virtually every first-time visitor to Orkney experiences...

Art and archaeology in Sicily

8 nights from £895

At the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean's largest island is one of the world's most cosmopolitan civilisations. Accumulated over thirty centuries, the collective legacy of...

Arran 'Scotland in Miniature' by air

3 nights from £555

As you board the ferry at Ardrossan, you see the distinctive silhouette of Goat Fell rising dramatically from the clear waters of the Firth of Clyde giving a foretaste of your destination whose...

The gardens of Japan

12 nights from £3795

The origin of the Japanese garden lies in simple, gravel-covered forest clearings where the gods could manifest themselves. Over the centuries the gardens have evolved into an idealized reflection of...

Archaeology of Argyll

3 nights from £415

In the broad, fertile valley of Kilmartin in Argyll people have lived and farmed, hunted and prayed, loved and mourned for thousands of years. We know this because of the astonishing number of...

19 results